4 Ultimate Outdoor Adventures on Malta’s Islands

Biking, Camping and Sea Cave Swimming – outdoor adventures in Malta

The archipelago consists of three islands: Malta, Gozo and Comino. Malta is the largest island and the cultural, commercial and administrative centre.

We flew into Malta in the evening, took a bus to the North side of the island and stayed in a hostel for our first night. In the morning, we took a bus to the ferry to Malta’s closest offshore island Comino.

1. Camp in Comino

It was very busy and the crowds gathered around the beautiful blue lagoon. Most of the crowd left on the ferry having only visited for a day. We hiked to the other side of the island to the wild campsite at a beach.

We set up our tent under the shade of a tree, most tents there before us had tarpaulins protecting them from the sun, we weren’t as prepared so our tent was roasting that night when we got inside.

A storm came and lightening hit. It gave us the opportunity to walk to the beach and along the pier in the moonlight. Watching the storm from the pier was magnificent. It soon passed and we went back to our tent.

Police station right at the pier.

2. Swim in sea caves in Comino

By only visiting the blue lagoon, you will miss the most beautiful side of Comino.   

We hiked to the ? of the island. This bay is called ? Many boat tours cruise around here to admire the spectacular cliffs. We approached the cliffs from the top and found a cave that could take us through to the sea side of the cliffs. We were able to jump into the sea here and swim around the lagoon.

The turquoise water was so warm and clear. We swam into caves to explore and back around to the other side of the cliffs and climbed back up.

Bring a tow float for long swims, if you get tired you can hold on to them and it also has a handy storage section that will keep your things dry.

Wear googles instead of pacing a snorkel, you will still have a beautiful view. I like these googles from amazon.

We walked back to the ferry port and caught it over to Gozo.

Hiking in comino:

Dramatic cliffs, wildflower-dotted hillsides, hidden valleys and age-old villages will tempt you to don your hiking boots. Near Buskett you can see prehistoric cart ruts, Punic tombs, wayside chapels and a Grand Inquisitor’s palace, while Gozo’s fjord-like Ghasri Valley snakes invitingly between limestone walls. For longer treks Malta’s west coast from Dingli to Cirkewwa spans towering cliffs, remote coves and broad beaches, and a circuit of Gozo makes a splendid week’s adventure.

3. Cycling around Gozo

On the pier of Gozo, we were able to rent bikes. I initially wanted a push bike as I figured I would want the exercise. The rental guy convinced me to take the electric bike promising me I would not regret it when I discover all the steep hills in Gozo. He was right! I loved nothing more than pushing the turbo booster to fly up the hills, it was similar to riding a moped but you could turn the gear setting down and cycle as you wish.

Poor Rory’s electric function stopped working at one point and he had to cycle with all his effort to get back to the pier for the bike to get fixed.

We used Booking.com to stay in B&B’s along the route. We particularly likes this house.

The houses are all sandstone in Gozo and has a desert look about it. Very different to both Malta’s big island and the smaller Comino.

Fish restaurant, salt plains. Cycled back to the pier. Back to Malta,

Great short adventure trip with hikes, swims, caves, and bike.

Irish dancing group were performing in an open square in Gozo, we stopped to watch on one of our cycles.

Outdoor performance in Malta too – can’t really remember.

4. Blue Grotto boat trip

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