3 Astonishing Natural Sites to Discover on Japan’s South Coast

Exploring Japans South Coast will take you along dramatic cliffs, lush forests and hikes through rice paddy fields to perfect waves.

These astonishing natural sites are essential for your bucket list.

1. The Devils Washboard

The devils washboard also known as Oni no Sentakuita is a geological phenomenon found on Japans South Coast. Incredibly straight rows of basalt rock protrude from the ocean for 8km stretching along the Nichinan Coast and in the shallow waters on Aoshima Island.

2. Aoshima Island

Aoshima is a tiny, beautiful island off the coast of Miyazaki city. It is connected to the mainland by a short bridge and is a 1.5 km round walk. The island has a stunning white sand coastline surrounding a subtropical inner jungle. The striking scenery is the perfect place to enjoy a peaceful walk with the sound of waves breaking in the distance.

The islands shrine, Aoshima jinja is said to bring luck to married couples who visit.

3. Udo Grand Shrine

The Udo Grand Shine can be found 30km South of Aoshima in a dramatic cliff setting. Deep within a cave, above the turquoise sea, the unusual shrine is dedicated to the father of Jimnu, Japans first emperor. A staircase hugging the cliff leads to the entrance at the mouth of the cave. The main shrine is in the cavern with a view of the ocean below. A dripping rock inside is said to have fed Jimnus father when his mother retuned to the ocean. The shrine is popular with young couples seeking a happy marriage and child birth.

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